Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News and notes

Just wanted to share with you that our member Donna Darnell, has had a little (or maybe a lot) shakeup with her health. It was rumored in the beginning to be a heart attack. Talked to her the other day and that was not so.............has to do with her heart, and can with the help of medication and prayers be controlled. Please think of her when you talk to the Big Guy whoever, your big Guy may be.

Let me appologize for my postings on the blog, I think that I need a little help getting things where I want them..................any out there...........my knowledge is limited.

Have a great day and get busy and prep your piece for Diane Glover's sharing at the August meeting. Fun cute piece..............be creative..........jump outside the box! (I can't find mine.)

BRUSH BENDER LUAU (PICNIC) 2010 This was our first attempt at an off site picnic/party and knowing that picnic areas and sites around here are full at this time of the year, Dianne offered to share her beautiful lake home with us and we did have a great time. Of course, the food was phenomenal, and Dianne= games: so there were fun games and some prizes. The gift exchange was quite interesting and what a variety of ideas for gifts. I do believe everyone went home with a full tummy, a smile on their face, and possibly a tad tired, due to the heat and sun.

We were greated with Dianne's signature flamingos at Bennett and Crosby, and then again at her gate. Flamingos were scattered here and there throughout the yard as well as palm trees, luau lanterns and decorations to many to mention.

I do believe everyone heard the threat, come in costume or we will dress you!, as everyone had some sort of Hawaiian attire on, this is one fun bunch of ladies.............very creative.........but of course, we are painters........and painters know how to have fun and decorate!

I will share a few of the pictures taken the night of our Brush Bender Luau (picnic)..........any volunteers for the planning and theme for next year, it was a great evening, fun, food and friends, what more can you ask for!!!!

And finally the evening ended with a beautiful sunset, photographed by Tammy Kubat, on Lobdell Lake. Thank you, Dianne and Tom for sharing this beautiful setting with us.

Monday, July 19, 2010

TIME:6:00 PM sharp to 10:00 PM
Cost $15.00 members
$20.00 non-members after August 15, 2010
Paint list and surface prep instructions will be issued upon registration.
You will need to find your own enameled ware canning pot, suggestions SALVATION ARMY STORES, YARD SALES, WALLMART,K-MART OR MEIJERS, very inexpensive. The paints that she uses are Deco Art Metal Paints and are no longer available, she will bring what she has, but if you have some please bring them with you. Information will be supplied to you when you sign up for the class. This looks like a fun class and will look great sitting on your porch this winter holding the salt for your walks.
Please contact Barb Sanch @ 303 S. 3rd, Brighton, MI 48ll6
include your Name, phone, address, city, state and zip, class fee. E-mail address if you wish.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Here is another picture of the same project. Just a tad closer so that you can see the detail on the butterfly better. See you the 28th for a fun night. Sorry I missed the first lid in the series, everyone that I talked to said it was a great time and better yet, went home with a finished piece.
Hopefully, I will get the newsletter up before it's time for another. Been a busy spring and summer looks to be just as much fun.

Hi Brush Benders, sorry for the delay..........my use of the computer and life have kinda gotten in the way. But Lisa took care of me and here is the June project being shared.

Monday, March 1, 2010

Due to the snow storm in February on our meeting day/night, we cancelled meeting, so Sandy Tilt will be sharing her project in March. Check the next newsletter.

Thanks to Debi Keeling for the great picture of Sandi's garden banner. The original is done on a basket top, design by Sonja Richardson.