Tuesday, August 10, 2010

BRUSH BENDER LUAU (PICNIC) 2010 This was our first attempt at an off site picnic/party and knowing that picnic areas and sites around here are full at this time of the year, Dianne offered to share her beautiful lake home with us and we did have a great time. Of course, the food was phenomenal, and Dianne= games: so there were fun games and some prizes. The gift exchange was quite interesting and what a variety of ideas for gifts. I do believe everyone went home with a full tummy, a smile on their face, and possibly a tad tired, due to the heat and sun.

We were greated with Dianne's signature flamingos at Bennett and Crosby, and then again at her gate. Flamingos were scattered here and there throughout the yard as well as palm trees, luau lanterns and decorations to many to mention.

I do believe everyone heard the threat, come in costume or we will dress you!, as everyone had some sort of Hawaiian attire on, this is one fun bunch of ladies.............very creative.........but of course, we are painters........and painters know how to have fun and decorate!

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