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My greatest apologies for taking 2 months to post this newsletter, I will endeaver to be more prompt from here on in. The Editor

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Brush Benders - Issue No. 1 - Jan-Feb 2009

The President's Letter

Happy New Year!!!

Hope this finds you all well and ready for another fun year of painting. Please read your newsletter to find out about our upcoming projects.

When I received a call in August asking if I would consider being on the ballot for President, my first instinct was to say “no”. I had only been back in the country two months and it took me until mid-October to finally settle in and feel like I was home. Then I spoke to a few friends about it and thought “what the heck”. So here I am, kind of out of the loop of painting and all, and hoping for a smooth year.

I still haven’t completely unpacked my painting supplies that I had taken to China with me, which I will admit I didn’t hardly touch, so that is one of the resolutions – unpack and straighten up my painting room. Next years resolution will be to finish painting all the unfinished projects (yeah, right!).

Don’t forget to pay attention to any meeting location changes. Pay your dues if you haven’t already. O ya, and to help me remember names, wear your name tag if you have one. I’ll do the same.

See you all soon,
Happy Painting,
Tammy Kubat


As of this date there are no known minutes to the October and November meetings. So I will do my best to give you a quick synopsis of what I recall.
October Meeting 2008 – Regular meeting gathered at the Sylvan Glen Club House. A project was shared by Dianne Hogrefe in a mixed media photo storage box. Thanks, Dianne.

November 2008 – we had a beautiful Christmas Party, chaired by Rondi Bur and assisted by Dawn Billiau, Denise Hislop and Debi Keeling. The hall was decked in beautiful lighted baskets of winter berries, fine cones and white lights that were later won by members in attendance. Each guest took home a beautiful hand painted votive holder. We enjoyed yet another great meal served by Kristy Garrison. All of this was held at St. Patrick’s Catholic Church.
After dinner there was the election of officers for the 2009 Board (see front page).
The usual gift exchange and mitten & hat tree were of course fabulous. Thanks to Rondi and her committee.

Directions: The name of the meeting place is Sylvan Glen Clubhouse, located at 6600 Grand River Ave., Brighton. It is about 5 Miles west of the Church. Barb Cox has been kind enough to set this up for us (she lives there) She provided this message, “For those of you coming from out of town, I would stay on the Xway until it reads Grand River Exit, that is the last Brighton Exit and it is exit #145, near the Sears Mall. When you get off, turn right and stay on Grand River. There is a blinking yellow light at the entrance into the park and a large sign that says ‘Sylvan Glen’. When you pull in the road goes to the right and you will see the parking lot in front of the clubhouse.” Sylvan Glen is across from Bordine’s Nursery.
this is your last newsletter until your dues are paid !
I am presently working on a blog for Brush Benders. Frankly, it may be awhile. This will not be in place of a hard copy newsletter, but a place you can go and see colored pictures. Here is the blog URL
I will try to have Rondi’s and Debi’s pictures up so you can see them, if nothing else. Hopefully, this will be helpful if you cannot remember where your newsletter is. I am not too computer savvy, so may have to call out for help! Thanks, Prudy

REMINDER: When someone is sharing a project, there is an automatic fee of $2.00 for painting. For this fee you will receive instructions and a colored picture large enough to be able to see well.

Project for January 26, 2009
This project will be shared by Debi Keeling. She is asking that you let her know if you intend to paint this project, so she will know how many to cut and how many pictures and patterns to have available. Please contact her by e-mail @ keelings@concentric.netBy January 19th . Surface fee: $2.00
Paint Palette:
White, black, red (your choice) Payne’s Grey (shade color) Burnt orange, cheek color (I use chalk)Regular painting supplies, E6000 glue
Project for February 23, 2009

This will be our annual Memory Box Painting Month and Mary Bobrowski will be sharing her talents with us.
Boxes and prep sheets will be available for you to pick up at our January meeting. You will need your usual paint supplies in February.
Rondi Bur, Memory Box Chairperson.

We had an incredible year last year with the dedication of our members to give of themselves for the Memory Box Program. As I turn over the reigns to Rondi, I have two things left to do.
#1 – I would like to request that everyone who has a box out, be it finished or not finished, please turn them in. Remember that the expense of those boxes came out of your treasury and we can’t continue to purchase and not get them back. Brush Benders is experiencing some added expenses too! Hard times for all of us!

#2 – At the Christmas Party I forgot to bring my M.B. cookie jar! So there was no drawing at the close of my year. I will endeavor to put my brain in gear and have it there in January……….so bring in those Memory Boxes and get in on the drawing.
Thanks to all, Prudy


As you probably know by now, three of our members had a harrowing experience on their way to the Valley Tole Christmas Party. Barb Sanch, Joanne Bellmard and Fran Tavarozzi, were in a 26 car pile up on U.S. 23. Although they were banged up pretty bad and suffered much pain, we thank God that they were not hurt any more than they were. Our prayers,ladies.

Sue Mason’s father-in-law suffered a stroke over the holidays and we send our prayers to her and John.

A little bird told us that Isabella Grant was under the weather a while back and doing better now.
Hope you are in Arizona enjoying the good weather, Isabella.

DUES; If you haven’t paid your 2009 Brush Bender dues, they are past due. You must have them paid by January Meeting to continue getting the newsletter.

Dues are $15.00 annually. Dues are payable at the end of each year for the following year.

Make checks payable to
Send to: Debbie Keeling
36079 Dover
Livonia, MI 48150
Or hand to her at meeting with form and money or check in an envelope.







January – Barb Sanch – C & C
Paula Bullington- veggies/fruit
Joan Mueller – dessert
February – Prudy Hogrefe – dessert
Rondi Bur ???
Denise Hislop ???

Happy birthday to:
January and February birthdays

January: Pam Wolf, Pam Wittman, Sandy West, Rondi Bur and Paula Bullington

February: Ruth Ann Swartz, Denise Hislop and Tammy Garner.

Will be held at Rondi Bur’s home
On March 2nd at 7:00 pm.
37434 Grandon
Livonia, Mi 48150
to RSVP or for directions 734-525-4664 or
1/26/09 – 6:30 Social Time
7:00 meeting starts
at Sylvan Glen Club House
Snowman pin to be shared by Debi Keeling

2/23/09 – 6:30 Social Time
7:00 meeting starts at Sylvan Glen
Memory Boxes shared by Mary Bobrowski
Wear your name tags

Valley Tole Mini Retreat
At the Sheraton-Lansing
January 29 thru Feb l
Check it out at

There will be a trade show featuring:
Raw wood by Art Hall
Distinctive Brushestrokes-
Lynne Deptula & Judy Diephouse
Patricia Rawlinson
Turn of the Century – Indiana
(beautiful turned wood)
Leslie Williams
Judy Ribitch
Audrey Gusmona

On site registration…………..or you can enjoy make-it-take-it’s without being registered.
Hobby Lobby in the same area.
Weather permitting, nice day trip!


Here's a tip for those who want to practice keeping strokes the samesize and shape...use grid ago.

All about painting stepping stones: (Think Spring!) If you are using Deco Art Patio Paints, you do not have to seal them. Simply prep as follows: The important think is to clean the very well, BEFORE you paint on them. Soapy water with a stiff bristle brush (like the type you clean your BBQ grill with). Rinse thoroughly - then scrub with rubbing alcohol. Allow this to dry in the sun for a day or so....the stone should be thoroughly dry. You can use the Clear Coat on top of the patio paint - but it is NOT absolutely necessary.
I can attest to the durability of them, however I did use the Clear Coat. I have one that has been in my garden for many years. I do lift it in the fall and store it in the garage, tho.

If a brush seems totally ruined and the hairs out of shape, wash the brush again, then dip the bristles in some linseed oil and reshape it. Now dip the oiled and shaped brush into water-soluble glue (I use Elmer’s glue) and let it dry for a couple of weeks (bristles facing up!). As the glue is water soluble you can wash it off in warm water, no soap needed. Et voila... much useful life restored to the brush. I've found it works on all but the worst victims of brush abuse. (With my synthetic brushes, I get a coffee cup of water almost boiling hot in microwave and then dip a cleaned brush bristles straight down into the water. Hold in water a few seconds till the bristles flay out, pull straight up and flatten with finger tips. Dry completely before using again.
More brush care:
After years of my 'cheap' mother saving all of those hotel shampoos and conditioners and sending them to me, I realized they are the perfect size to dip your smaller paintbrushes in when it is time to shampoo them! Saves money too!I keep a small shampoo bottle, the kind you get at hotels, by my sink where I wash my brushes. It's the perfect size to dip your brushes in to get a little soap to wash out your brushes. And the shampoo is gentle on the bristles of your brush.

Introducing some new Kids on the Board: Well, they aren’t new to Brush Benders, but have decided to get their feet wet and see what goes on there.
President :
Tammy Kubat - Tammy may seem “new” to some of the more recent members, as she had been living in China for two years. She has served on the Board before and will be a great asset. Don’t know her? Introduce yourself!
PROJECTS: Diane Glover has been a very active member for a few years. (I use the word few, when I am not really sure.) She is an outgoing and very ehlful member. Help her out by saying "yes" or just volunteer to do a project you are happy with.
HISTORIAN: Gloria Kennard is Pam Wolf’s sister and has volunteered to team up with her as Historian, Gloria has been a member for quite a few years, although she’s been MIA a few times. She is getting her “tootsies” wet too.
HOSPITALITY: HOSPITALITY: Trudy DaBerko is stepping up to the plate to keep your taste bud needs thriving with her co-chairperson Lisa Neeley. Lisa has shared a project with us as has Dianne and will keep us happy with beverages and goodies.
Rondi BurShe has been a member for several years and has shared her talents with us, plus hosted a great Christmas Party. Please support her efforts.

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At our February meeting, 2/23/09, Mary Bobrowski will be sharing the Memory Box pattern to the left. February is set aside as our Memory Box painting month. Hopefully, you will be there to give a hand to this worthwhile program.

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New kid on the Board

Historian -


Gloria Kennard

New Kids on the Board

Hospitality - Trudy DaBerko and Lisa Neeley

New kids on the Board

Projects - Diane Glover

New kids on the Board

Rondi Bur - Memory Box

April Paint-in

Projects January

Brush Bender Newsletter Jan - Feb 2009

Tammy Kubat